Types of Creative Writing

Environmental Writing

In this course, we will read and write poems and creative nonfiction about nature, wilderness, ecology, environmentalism, animals, and climate change. Throughout, we will explore our relationship to the natural world, and we will discuss how literature can contribute to the environmental movement. We will focus on many issues that are relevant to Hawaiʻi, such as the ocean, beaches, endangered wildlife, native trees, pollution, sustainability, and more.

Please note that this is a Writing Intensive course: there will be weekly formal and informal creative and critical writing assignments, both in-class and at-home, to improve overall writing skills. Students will learn techniques for drafting, editing, workshopping, and revising writing. Beyond different types of creative writing, we will also complete critical reviews, reaction/reflection papers, and journal entries. We will produce a minimum of 20 pages of writing throughout the semester.

All readings will be provided via Laulima.