Types of Creative Writing

ENG 313 Types of Creative Writing
CRN 85006 Section 1
Fall 2019, 8/26-12/20
MWF 9:30-10:20 am, KUY 208
University of Hawaiʻi-Mānoa

In this Writing-Intensive course, you will work on drafting these industrial creative-writing products in order to hone your written and oral communication skills towards developing a polished, professional 8-10 double-spaced short film script which you will complete by the last day of instruction in the semester:

Premise/concept & synopsis [5% of your grade, about 250 words total]
Story outline or treatment [10% of your grade, about 500 words]
Full rough draft following standard script format [15% of your grade, about 2,000-2,500 words]
Feedback to peers’ rough drafts following a coverage template [5% of your grade, about 250 words]
Film pitch (an oral presentation, 10-15 minutes long, with visuals such as PowerPoint) [15% of your grade]
Final draft following standard script format [20% of your grade, significantly changed from rough draft, about 2,000-2,500 words]

In addition to showing up regularly for our face-to-face class, you will workshop & submit other tiered writing exercises & meet other requirements available on our ENG 313 website in the Laulima course management system:

— Regular Discussion Board homework submitted online in time to meet the Course Schedule deadlines [15% of your grade]
— Screenplay formatting quiz (timed, open book, objective, online in the Laulima course website) [5% of your grade]
— In-class and online participation including regular attendance and engagement in class discussion as well as group work [10% of your grade]

Join us as we together study, research, and practice the script form and many cinematic tricks and techniques to tell effective onscreen stories using your words!

Required materials:

* Regular, reliable access to Laulima course website and to your UH email account
* David Trottier’s The Screenwriter’s Bible: The Complete Guide to Writing, Formatting, & Selling Your Script [6th Edition], Silman-James Press, 2014.

Questions? Email ida@hawaii.edu.