Studies: Creative Writing

The course will consist of three parts—a study of the novel in terms of its history and form, scaffolding students’ own novel project (research, outlining, etc), and writing and workshopping parts of what is created. We will also cross paths with National Novel Writing Month (November) so I will incorporate that challenge into the class.

**Students will benefit most from this class if they already have a novel idea before starting the course. Students wishing to enroll in this course should have a fluent command of the vocabulary of the craft of fiction, experience with the workshop model, and experience writing short fiction.**



Reading responses to the novels

Diagrams of novel structure

Exercises in novel elements

Consistent writing practice

Polished 15-20 pages of novel



Possible texts (more may be added):

Aspects of the Novel E.M Forster

The Great Gatsby, F. Scott Fitzgerald

The People of Paper, Salvador Plascencia

A Mercy, Toni Morrison