Studies: Creative Writing

Voice in Creative Nonfiction

This course will explore the narrative voices, tones, and perspectives possible in creative nonfiction. The class will explore nonfiction readings across eras, countries, and traditions, with in-depth discussions and generative, in-class writing exercises.

To be decided by the first week of class. Most of our texts will be available by PDF.


  • Interpret nonfiction writing in a variety of media through close reading and viewing.
  • Engage the ideas and the writing of others in active, compassionate, critical ways.
  • Draft and revise original nonfiction work by a series of deadlines, prepared for a small audience of readers.
  • Track different modes of thought on voice in nonfiction.
  • Discover and articulate your own ethics and aesthetics within creative nonfiction.


  • Weekly readings. Each student will be assigned to lead one discussion during one class over the course of the semester.
  • Three short pieces of textual writing exercises, approximately 700 words.
  • One longer piece, revised twice. (Approximately 2000 words.)
  • Regular attendance and participation.


For a small reading and writing course to be effective, all participants should commit to being present at each class meeting. Attendance is required. Students are also required to attend the first week of class through the last week of class; please plan on being present.