Seminar in Creative Writing: Eco-Poetics

University of Hawai‘i at Mānoa

ENG 713 Seminar in Creative Writing (Eco-Poetics)

Section 001


Fall 2019

M 6:30-9:00


This course will explore one of the most important poetic movements of our time: Eco-Poetics. Throughout the semester, we will examine the relationship between poetics, nature, ecology, wilderness, environmental justice, the anthropocene, animals, and climate change. We will map, historicize, and contextualize the histories and theories of eco-poetics by reading the major scholars in the field. We will also explore how eco-poetics intersects with questions of race, gender, sexuality, and class. Additionally, we will study the vibrant range of creative techniques that eco-poets utilize, including the pastoral, modernist, postmodernist, documentary, postcolonial, situational, and spoken word, to name a few. As creative writers, we will write, workshop, and revise a portfolio of our own original eco-poetry that addresses global and local issues.


Student Learning Outcomes:


Develop an understanding of the discipline of English (specifically, Poetics) and its relationship to other disciplines (Ecological, Climate Change, and Environmental Justice Studies)


Develop an awareness of the contributions of Oceanic, Asian, and other cultures to the formation of the field of Eco-Poetics and English Studies in the 21st Century


Develop an understanding of advanced research methods and creative techniques in relation to Eco-Criticism and Eco-Poetic practice


Develop the ability to demonstrate advanced critical analysis in both written and oral formats in relation to the history and theory of Eco-Poetics


Develop the ability to map, historicize, and contextualize the history and theory of Eco-Poetics, as well as it major sub-fields


Develop advanced creative writing skills for publication


Required Texts


Big Energy Poets: Ecopoetry Thinks Climate Change (2017)


Ghost Fishing: An Eco-Justice Anthology (2018)


Ecopoetics: Essays in the Field (2018)


Margaret Ronda, Remainders: American Poetry at Nature’s End (2018)


Lynn Keller, Recomposing Ecopoetics: North American Poetry of the Self-Conscious Anthropocene (2018)


A list of recommended texts will be provided in the syllabus, and other critical and creative readings will be provided via Laulima.