Rhetoric, Comp, & Computers

This course is designed to introduce you to the theoretical and practical elements of composing texts for public audiences in the digital age. You will be introduced to theories of classical and postmodern rhetorics, and you will apply those theories by analyzing and producing digital compositions. You will not be expected to become an expert in coding or in computer programming; instead, you will be expected to come to know a handful of contemporary programs that will facilitate/enable digital compositions in public settings. (For example, you may learn how to utilize Prezi for delivering presentations, how to set up your own blog and deploy its genre effectively, how to incorporate media files into compositions, and so on).

This course will function as a workshop, allowing you to become a stronger writer by offering you opportunities to participate in more complex processes of generation, collaboration, and revision (more complex, in part, because they will recur in various mediums).  As such, it is essential that you do not miss class and that you come fully prepared to each meeting.  If your schedule this semester does not allow you to make such a commitment, this is not a class you should take.