Restoration/18th-C British Lit

Our analysis of eighteenth-century literature in this class will focus on how normative models of gender and sexuality were transformed (and transgressed) in relation to shifting forms of social and political power; how modern systems of racial difference began to cohere in the context of colonialism and slavery; and how Atlantic and Pacific worlds were both shaped by conquest and remade through resistance and resilience.

Readings will include works by Aphra Behn, John Wilmot, Margaret Cavendish, Phillis Wheatley, Olaudah Equiano, and Frances Burney. You will need to purchase three books at the University bookstore, but the bulk of the readings will be available on Laulima.

Assignments will include in-class writings, a series of short written assignments, and a final paper.

This course fulfils the 1700-1900 historical breadth requirement.