Modern English Grammar

Course Description:

This course will be useful for students who would like to refine their understanding of grammar, language varieties, and dialects. It will also be useful for writers who would like to hone their facility with language on a sentence level, as well as for future English teachers who want to be able to understand and teach grammar effectively. Our specific focus is the study and analysis of sentence structure, as it pertains to a variety of contemporary concerns within English studies, including the impact of globalization, the significance of regional dialects, the role of grammar in writing instruction, and rhetorical connections between grammar and style.  Students will learn to recognize and use their innate language expertise as they study the systematic nature of sentence grammar. This course covers both traditional and new linguistic grammar, emphasizing whole structures and basic sentence patterns.


Two in-class examinations and two written homework assignments.

Required Text:

The required text is by Kolln, Gray, and Salvatore: Understanding English Grammar, 10th edition, published in 2015 by Pearson.

It is available at UH-Manoa bookstore.