Intro to Lit: Creative Writing

ENG273 Introduction to Creative Writing: Digital Stories

In this course, students will create digital content and compose creative scripts and stories for a variety of new media outlets. Students will generate their own web page, host a blog and one other digital venue for their final project such as a YouTube video, an animated story, a game, etc. that they will compose and write a narrative for. We will review each of these examples and others including social media outlets and Netflix for homework assignments and class discussions which will focus on the way writing and stories are integrated in digital literacies and new media. Students will choose the main digital texts for the class during the first week based on their interests. Some important topics include the role of marketing and commerce in digital writing, the way users generate a following, the role of politics in digital writing and how to write effectively for varying platforms. No technological experience is needed but highly skilled students are also welcome.

Assignment 1: Review of one of the class texts (1000 words) that students will present in class

Assignment 2: Blog 3 blog posts/ or the script for a YouTube series that relate to your personal website (2000)

Assignment 3: Write a narrative, voiceover or story for a video, animation, game, etc. (2000 words)