Phil. Lit (XL IP 396)

This course will study the representative samples of Philippine folklore and vernacular literature in translation.  It will analyze particular elements and recurring value-patterns. It will also try to look into certain elements that could be related to present lifestyles, beliefs and characteristics of various ethnic communities in Hawaii.
Staring with the discussion of creation myths and epics narratives, the course will find motifs, value systems, beliefs and traditions that are foregrounded in specific oral forms and their subsequent translation in writing.  Through discussion, we hope to find out how the folk narratives shape native and local “identity”, how they affect decisions that range from the personal to the religious and socio political.
Requirements:  Class participation (attendance), three 7-paged papers, 2 group presentations, 1 individual presentation/performance, listening to guest speakers.
Required Text (available in CD format): Readings in IP 363 (A compilation of various folk narratives and essays).