20C Novel in English

This course covers novels written in (or translated into)
English in the twentieth century. We explore the development of the novel as a
literary form over the century as we consider the connection between time,
place and literary expression. Although students will complete the course with
a sense of the range of novels and novelists in the twentieth century, we will
focus our attention on novels written by Indigenous writers. The course is
arranged in four modules: ‘the beginning of the twentieth century’ features two
texts written in 1899 that give us a starting point for thinking about the
novel as a form as well as introduce key themes we will trace through the
course; ‘firsts’ focuses on three novels which were ‘first novels’ in their respective
communities; and in ‘engaging with history,’ we examine how four novels engage
with history through narrative and themes but also through literary form; and
finally we will look at two twenty-first century novels we might call ‘genre
fiction’ (students will read one of these two novels).

Assessment will include a quiz, two group presentations,
short writing exercises, two short papers and a take-home exam.

The beginning of the 20th century

Joseph Conrad Heart of

Simon Pokagon Ogimawkwe
Mitigwaki: Queen of the Woods


N Scott Momaday House
Made of Dawn

Albert Wendt Sons for
the Return Home

Chantal Spitz Island
of Shattered Dreams

Engaging with history

Louise Erdrich Love

Patricia Grace Baby

Leslie Marmon Silko The
Gardens in the Dunes

Kim Scott Benang

Twenty-first century

Lani Wendt Young Telesā OR Daniel Heath Justice Kynship