Composition I

Writing makes a difference.

Everyday we
write. Whether we write a new status update for our Facebook accounts, compose
a quick email to a friend, think up a few new song lyrics while singing in the
shower and then jot them down later, or write an essay for a school assignment,
we all write. In this class, I want us all to see that writing is a task that we
continually use to make meaning of our world and to communicate those
newly-made meanings to others. 
Connecting writings’ important purpose with the acts of reading and
writing that make up our daily lives and with our own actions for social
change, I, ultimately, want us to see within this class that writing makes a tremendous difference.


1). To
continually develop and refine writing skills by practicing with various
written forms, including creative journal entries, blogs, journalism articles,
personal narratives, poems, and song lyrics.

2). To
become skilled in crafting the organization, content, and mechanics of the
critical analysis and research essay forms.

3). To
cultivate close, careful reading skills through the analysis and discussion of
various texts including news articles, blogs, photographs, memoirs, short
stories, poems, song lyrics, short video clips and ads, essays, and the novel.


There are 4
major writing assignments including a personal narrative, an exploratory essay,
a critical analysis paper, and a final research paper. You will also be
required to complete a Social Action Project and several short writing
responses both inside and outside of class. All of the assignments can be
revised within this course, and included in the final portfolio for a higher
grade. The aim of this course is to focus on the progression of writing and the
final grade is based on that progression.

Texts & Supplies:

1). English
100 Course Reader

for purchase at Professional Image Printing)

Composition Notebook for journal assignments

3). Notebook
and Pencil for taking notes in class