Composition I

In this course, we
will discuss and practice reading and writing strategies that will help prepare
you for your coursework and research during your future years at UH. We will
emphasize analysis by figuring out how texts work, carefully considering
historical-social-political contexts of writing, identifying strategies writers
use for different audiences and purposes, questioning what may be assumed by or
left out of a text, and thinking about the ethical dimensions of writing and
research. We will be talking and writing about complex social issues that are
important both globally and in Hawai‘i.

We will also be
thinking about the other kinds of knowledge and expertise we each bring to this
class, and you will be encouraged to interweave personal stories, interviews,
and oral sources into your writing assignments. Our readings and discussion
will range from scholarly articles to YouTube videos, poetry to news articles,
literature to photographs, songs, etc.

writing assignments will include description, comparison, argument, analysis,
and research, and will encourage you to write critically and creatively. We
will also be practicing strategies for revising, editing, proofreading. You
will be required to do a total of twenty polished pages of writing divided
throughout the semester. Other assignments include group presentations, reading
responses, and quizzes. Class participation in the form of active discussion
will be required.