Fiction Workshop (CW)

This course will encourage practicing writers to identify
and develop their distinct fictional voice in producing imaginative writing for
adult readers. Through close reading and discussion, writers will sharpen their
technical skills and broaden their awareness of place and ethics in writing
fiction. The goal is for emerging writers to gain the knowledge and confidence
they need to take command of their page.

In weekly workshops
you will present and discuss set writing exercises or work-in-progress from
your fiction portfolio. As a class we will develop protocols and vocabularies towards
successful workshopping, while recognizing differences in critical approaches.

Because writers
are always close readers, reading and class discussion of texts will be an
important component of the workshop. As well as participating in shared
readings, you will be required to establish, with consultation, an individual
reading program related to your writing project.


*Attendance and participation

*Two fiction projects worked to
at least third draft

*Short writing exercises

*Writer’s journal

Required texts:

*Janet Burroway and Elizabeth
Stuckey-French, Writing Fiction: A Guide
to Narrative Craft
(7th edition). Buy used.

*Three book-length works of
fiction in your writing area

*Class readings on Laulima