American Lit Mid 19C to Mid 20C

In this course
we will examine literature written in America from the mid-19th
century through the mid-20th century
.  The course will
examine prose, poetry, and perhaps some drama by writers who traditionally have
been considered representative of American culture as well as many  selections by authors with whom you may be
less familiar.  Examining historical and
social developments, you will read literature concerned with immigration,
slavery, the growth of urban centers, regionalism, industrialization, as well
as the ethnic experience, and World War I. 
Rather than strive for a single definition of American literature, you
should, by the end of the semester, realize that literary history is created,
changed, and thus represented by diverse cultural groups with differing and
sometimes conflicting expectations, values, languages, and histories.

Course Requirements

and participation

three essays or examinations

introductions to each class


(available at UH Bookstore)
Norton Anthology of American Literature.
7th edition. Volume C and Volume D.  (These are 2 separate volumes)