Types of CW (Poetry & Fiction)

Being a successful creative writer requires being a
discerning reader, so we will read examples of poetry and fiction by successful
writers and discuss what they do and why they succeed, with an eye toward learning
and using their techniques. You will develop a portfolio of poems and short
stories, make a class presentation, and do a self-analysis of your writing. We will
emphasize craft, which means revision, the heart and soul of writing. You also must
have something to write, and so we will discuss underlying issues in our
readings and our writings—we need to be aware of ourselves and others and our
place in the world. We will meet one-on-one regularly to discuss your work and
guide your writing. Your grade is a composite of your creative writing
portfolio, your responses to assigned readings, and participation in



Italo. Six Memos for the Next Millennium.
New York: Random House, 1993.

Ray. Zen in the Art of Writing. Santa
Barbara: Joshua Odell Editions, 1996.

Packet. Available at Campus Copy, first floor, Campus Center.