20C Novel in English

This class focuses on a
selection of 20th-century novels that deal with pivotal historical events and
that represent important developments in novelistic form throughout the
century. In addition to reading some remarkable stories and learning about
different time periods and places, you will learn fundamental concepts in
narrative theory and genre theory, strategies of close reading, and a range of
oral-communication skills.

This course carries the
Oral Communication (O) Focus Designation. A full half of your grade will be
based on your performance as a speaker and respondent in formal in-class
presentations. These will include a formal conference-style presentation (20%),
a more information presentation (20%), and a contribution to a symposium-style
discussion (10%).

In addition to these
oral-communication assignments, your grade will be based on quizzes (20%), a
midterm examination (15%), and a final examination (15%).

Prior to all of your oral
communication assignments, I will provide training in effective public speaking
in academic contexts, which will include advice on preparing and rehearsing for
these assignments as well as pointers for creating successful visual
supplements to your presentation.

Required Texts (available at
Revolution Books, 2626 South King St # 201, 944-3106)

Achebe, Chinua.
Things Fall Apart

Conrad, Joseph.
Heart of Darkness

Michael. The Hours

Patricia. Potiki

Morrison, Toni.

Art. Maus: A Survivor’s Tale

Woolf, Virginia. Mrs. Dalloway