NOTE: This section has an enrollment maximum of 60. It is designed to interest non-English majors, but it can applied toward the major or minor as well.

A study of film: its aesthetics and formal elements; its genres and filmmakers; its cultural influence as a maker of myth and ideology; its national and global industries, including Hollywood’s dominance and the art and independent films as alternatives.

In all, there will be 14-16 required film viewings. The films will range from the silent films of Eisenstein’s THE BATTLESHIP  POTEMKIN (1925) and Buster Keaton’s THE CAMERAMAN (1928) to Orson Welles’ CITIZEN KANE (1941), Elia Kazan’s ON THE WATERFRONT (1954), Francois Truffaut’s THE 400 BLOWS (1959), Mike Nichols’ THE GRADUATE (1967), Woody Allen’s ANNIE HALL (1977),  Pedro Almodóvar’s ALL ABOUT MY MOTHER (1999) to the more recent Coen Bros.’ NO COUNTRY FOR OLD MEN (2007), Fatih Akins’ THE EDGE OF HEAVEN (2007), and Guillermo Arriaga’s THE BURNING PLAIN (2009).

The textbook for the course is THE FILM EXPERIENCE, Second Edition, by Timothy Corrigan & Patricia White; there will also be a packet of Xeroxed articles.

Assignments include:

  • two papers
  • quizzes on the chapters in the textbook
  • and a final  examination

Attendance is a requirement.