Composition II

This course will build on the work begun in English 100 by providing students with an opportunity to improve their proficiency in writing analytical, argumentative, and research-based papers. We will spend the first few weeks of the course reading The Craft of Research, as well as a selection of research essays from different disciplines. Students will compose short responses to these readings and write two short analytical papers. The better part of the course will be focused on the students’ research interests. Students will research an issue of their choosing, identify a problem or controversy in their field, and develop their own carefully considered opinion on the topic. Students will then present their research in the form of a longer research paper (10-12 pages) and a presentation to the class.

Course Requirements

  • Attendance and participation
  • Reading assignments
  • Frequent posts to the Laulima discussion forum
  • 2 short (4-5 pages) analytical papers
  • 1 long (10-12 pages) research paper
  • Peer review workshops
  • Quizzes

Required Text (available at the UHM bookstore)
Booth, Wayne C. et al. The Craft of Research. Fourth Edition. The University of Chicago Press, 2016. ISBN: 978-0226239736. Paperback.

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