Composition II



This course will prepare you to conduct and present research in your academic studies. In addition, the skills you learn in this course will serve you well beyond our time in the classroom and into future careers. As a class, we will practice critical thinking, expository and auto/biographical writing, and constructing documents/essays that will better your understanding of your field of study and position as a writer. This will be a dynamic course that will expand your writing and reading skills.

Required Texts:

In order to keep textbook cost low, all essays and texts will be uploaded as PDFs to our Laulima site.


Writing Assignment #1: Research Your Name (What’s in a name?)

Writing Assignment # 2: Personal Narrative

Writing Assignment # 3: Interview of a Professor in Your Field of Study

Writing Assignment # 4: Constructing a CV and a Personal Statement

Additional writing activities will include in-class free writes, Laulima blog posts, and writing reflections.

Additional Requirements:

Attendance and participation are required. You are expected to contribute to the class. This includes attendance, involvement in group discussions, preparation (reading all assigned work), writing workshops, completion of in-class writing assignments, and free writes.

You must complete every assignment to pass this course.

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