Composition II

English 200 Course Description: Karyl Garland

Fall 2018

Throughout the semester, in this section of English 200, we will focus on how writing will continue to be significant throughout your academic endeavors and into the professional world for all of you. We will build on the skills learned in English 100, and possibly beforehand and since you took English 100, so as to broaden them and apply them within new and purposeful writing assignments.

Essentially, this course will lead you toward investigating, in writing, how your academic focus will influence your professional goals. No matter what you have chosen as your major, writing will be integral, and writing well will bring you greater success and make you stand out from the rest.

By the end of the semester, you will have completed and processed the following regarding overall course goals.

  • Understand and put into practice the concept of what makes strong writing (i.e., organization, complexity of thought, substantiality of development, facility with language, and strong grammar and usage) and how to achieve such a level of writing through the process of careful editing and revision.
  • Apply these principles to four Major Writing Assignments and four Metacommentary Assignments as detailed in the Course Syllabus.
  • Further understand how to conduct college-level research using scholarly sources and how to use and cite these sources accurately and appropriately in a variety of formats.
  • Build on understanding of principles and practice regarding grammar, punctuation, and usage within the English language and apply these principles while learning how to use powerful, clear, and concise rhetorical patterns in your own writing.
  • Continue to develop confidence as a writer whose work is more reader-based than writer-based.
  • Along with other assigned writing, produce a working resume and a cover letter or statement of purpose to use for scholarship and potential job applications

I will ask that you create time for writing that will be sufficient for composing written pieces that are thoughtful, clear, and well revised and that you commit to your personal development as a writer. I promise to commit to helping you along the way.

Questions regarding this course can be directed to the instructor at the following email address: (noting that the letter before the 8 is a lowercase “l” and not the numeral “1”).