Composition I for Transfers


English 190 is an introduction to college writing and critical thought. The focus of the course will be to increase comfort in writing and develop your unique voice. Multiple genres of writing will be covered, including personal narratives, cultural critiques, and analyses of creative work.

As many 190 students have had previous experience with college-level writing courses, all major essays will have specific requirements, but open-ended topics. The research and writing done in this course should further each student’s academic, professional, and personal pursuits.


-Attendance, participation, and short writing responses

-Four papers, and peer reviews

-Keeping current through email and Laulima


All class readings will be provided, available online and through Laulima.


There are four major essays that total a combined minimum of 20 pages of polished prose. All major papers will be accompanied by a short meta-commentary.


Roughly half the grade will be based on the four major essays (including work on drafts and peer reviews). Attendance and participation, journaling, weekly short assignments, and a research presentation comprise the rest of the grade. All four papers must be completed to pass the class.