Composition I

Instructor: Brittany Winland

TTh 12:00-1:15pm

Format: Online synchronous


In this course, you will learn how to write effectively for a variety of audiences and in a variety of forms so that you will be better prepared to participate in the writing contexts that you’ll encounter in your college courses and, even, outside of them (e.g., in your job). You will learn to identify and effectively address an audience, to conduct research and engage with source material, as well as planning and revision strategies.

Our course will be themed around ecologies—ecologies of place and communities, ecologies of knowledge, ecologies of stories. Ecology is the study of relationships. In environmental sciences, it is the study of living organisms and their environment; in the Humanities, it includes the study of people and their communities, institutions, and environments. Using the concept of ecologies as a framework, we will explore our relationships to place, knowledge, communities, stories, and the earth itself—including what it means to live on a damaged planet. We will read a diverse range of texts to explore the possibilities of audience and genre, and you will produce pieces of your own that join these important conversations. 

Assignments will include essays on place and literacy, an expository project, a community issue research project, and a creative, collaborative final project we will decide on as a class. 

The course will be set up in units, and you will be guided through smaller, scaffolded assignments that set you up to successfully finish every project. In total, you will have produced 5,000 words of finished prose.

Course format: We will meet synchronously on Zoom during our normal class time (TTH 12:00-1:15).

Required texts:

Active Voices by Jeffrey Klausman. ISBN: 978-1-68036-677-8

All other readings will be provided as a pdf or linked to online.