Composition I

In this course, you will learn how to write effectively for a variety of audiences and in multiple forms so that you will be better prepared to identify and work across the writing contexts that you’ll encounter in your college courses and beyond (e.g., in your job, academia, community advocacy). You will develop skills to identify and effectively address an audience, to conduct research and integrate source material, to engage planning and revision strategies. Through a series of readings and written exercises, you will critically analyze social issues relevant to the lands and peoples of Hawaiʻi; you will reflect upon your relationship with and responsibilities to these islands. To synthesize your learning, you will choose a sociopolitical issue that effects students here in Hawaiʻi (environmental efforts, health, militarism, tourism, houselessness, gender/sexuality, Indigenous activism) to produce a research-based paper in which you construct and weigh in on an informed conversation about the issue you’ve selected, argue for a particular solution, and persuade readers to respond in some way to that issue.

I teach from a place-based centered perspective that focuses on our connections and relationships to Hawaiʻi lands, peoples, and practices in what I call PIKO Principles of Story. This semester we will explore your roles and responsibilities to Hawaiʻi through the writing process. Thematic units will discuss the power of language(s) (The Power of Story & Language); the places you feel most connected to and the peoples who have influenced your thinking (Writing From the Piko); the borders, margins, and intersections that we inhabit/cross through language and culture (Writing From the Borders, Margins & Intersections); and the social justice issues we are passionate about as well as the ethical care in research when we empower our communities (Writing With Passion & Persuasion). Stories have the power to create and transform worlds. What’s your story?

Note: This Fall course will be offered completely online and asynchronous.