Composition I

Course Description
English 100 is a writing course designed to introduce students to the rhetorical, conceptual and stylistic demands of writing at the university-level. Through formal and informal writing assignments you will develop the foundational critical thinking and writing skills needed to communicate and convey your ideas successfully during your studies. You will learn to write nuanced and engaging sentences; build effective paragraphs; construct arguments; engage various audiences; and integrate other people’s thoughts into your own. In the end, the activities and assignments for this course will encourage you to be more reflective, critical, and careful writers and thinkers.

Course Requirements
1. Major Paper Assignments
Paper Assignment #1: A Personal Essay
Paper Assignment #2: An Rhetorical Analysis
Paper Assignment #3: An Interview Assignment
Paper Assignment #4: A Storied Portfolio

2. Weekly Blog Posts
During the semester, students will write weekly blog posts that respond to exploratory prompts, course readings, or class discussions. These short writing assignments are intended to help you explore, question, summarize, analyze, and synthesize course material so that these informal ideas may be incorporated into your formal major paper assignments.

3. Writing “Journal”
During the semester, students will keep a Writing “Journal” that encourages students to document and reflect on their personal, writing process. Journal entries can be completed in multimodal formats (vlogs, collages, letters, etc.).

Course Texts and Resources
Required Text: The Truth About Stories by Thomas King

All other supplemental course readings will be provided by the instructor via the course website or may be accessed through the University of Hawai‘i at Mānoa Library’s OneSearch engine.