Composition I

Genre in Advanced First-Year Writing: Voice, Credibility, Structure
Meeting times: TR 12:00-13:15
CRN: 85654

Course Description
ENG 100 Composition I (3) Introduction to the rhetorical, conceptual and stylistic demands of writing at the university level; instruction in composing processes, search strategies, and writing from sources. Students may not earn credit for both ENG 100 and 190. Pre: placement. Freshmen only. FW. –from the University of Hawaiʻi Catalog

This class demonstrates how a first-year writing course for college students with relatively high-level compositional and rhetorical skills can be creative, deep, and expressive. It does so through applying genre theory to standard FYW assignments for freshmen.

In the first few papers, students will focus on genre modes (such as illustration, analysis, narration, description) to heighten tonal techniques (depicting emotion, cognition, reflection, speculation, distanciation, and other subjective sensibilities) and thus develop a distinctive VOICE as a writer.

In the mid-semester, we will focus in curating and presenting information from other sources into a cohesive, believable argument–the classic “research papers” but learned with a digital-era emphasis on media literacy. This helps advance student writers as CREDIBLE communicators when rhetorical stakes are at hand, through canny mixes of genre expression.

Finally, we will end the term with a fun and possibly mouthy exercise of using writing towards critical assessment, recommendation, and just plain old-fashioned judgment. This will allow us to hone in on the fineries of argument STRUCTURE or the organized shifting of genre registers.

You will need: your UH email account, regular and reliable access to the Laulima course website and to Microsoft Word, and consistent attendance and participation.

No textbook will be required to purchase; this is a zero textbook cost course. However, we will read (free) work by writers and scholars online which will be assigned as part of the course materials.

Course requirements

90% of your grade in total: Five papers in two drafts each, with each Final Draft substantially improved over its Rough Draft reflected in two different portions of your final paper grade. Each draft will be 3-5 double-spaced long (750 to 1,250 words)and together with its related Laulima informal writing exercises, will become the basis for your total score and grade for each Paper assignment.

—> Paper 1: ILLUSTRATION of an Abstract Concept (3 double-spaced pages or about 750 words, 10% x 2 drafts = 20% of your total course grade) [Submitted as initial Writing Sample due soon after the semester begins.]
—> Paper 2: ANALYSES of a Written or Image Text (4 double-spaced pages or about 1,000 words, 10% x 2 drafts = 20%)
—> Paper 3: PERSUASIVE RESEARCH PAPER on a Sociopolitical Issue (4-5 double-spaced pages or about 1,000-1,250 words, 15% x 2 drafts = 30%)
—> Paper 4: EVALUATION of a Job, Good, Service, Experience, or Other Thing (3-4 double-spaced pages or about 750-1,000 words, 10% x 2 drafts = 20%)

• The remaining 10% earned over the 16 weeks of the course (i.e., a little over a half-percentage point per week): Participation in face-to-face group exercises, regular class attendance, and classroom discussion. Plus Laulima Discussion Board homework posts and regular online discussion. [The majority of these in-class and online activities help you prepare either for the major Papers’ Rough Draft and Final Draft revisions.]

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