Composition I

ENG 100/46 Composition I

Fall Semester, 2019, online, Dr. Christopher Kelsey


The Three R’s: Reading, Reasoning, and ‘Riting


The course’s general aims are twofold: to strengthen students’ writing and to have them produce it at a functional level consistent with the university’s expectations. Core course elements are:

*an engaged reception of selected works

*an awareness of the varieties of English, their uses and significance

*an ability to produce writing appropriate to an academic context and readership.


This class will emphasize analytical/argumentative writing along with personal/experiential writing. A weekly reading schedule will be assessed through quizzes and discussion posts.



Course Requirements


  • Participation
  • Three short essays
  • Three medium-length essays
  • A final portfolio


Required Texts


  • The readings are all embedded in the course and will become available by the week.