Composition I

UH MANOA                                                     INSTRUCTOR: DR. ANN HIRAMINE GAUDLITZ


FALL 2019


An introductory-level writing course, Eng.100 aims to develop the critical thinking, interpretive reading, speaking and writing skills needed for college-level work. Through exposure to a wide variety of texts –  both written word and other expressive forms — this course brings into focus the different rhetorical situations and their appropriate genres and styles, in addition to writer’s purpose and audience.  Eng100 supports students as they put these concepts into practice by producing work demonstrative of effective communication and individual self-expression.


Over the course of the semester, students will complete five writing assignments: the personal narrative, visual analysis, argument, research/inquiry-based paper, and retrospective essay.  This is the equivalent of approximately twenty pages of polished writing.  Students will construct these essays step-by-step and in cumulative fashion by engaging a process of prewriting tasks, including analyzing and evaluating sources, brainstorming on topic, planning and outlining, drafting, peer reviewing, revising, editing and polishing. On a meta-cognitive level, students will also reflect on what they have learned with each writing experience and in relation to their overall development as first-year college students.


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