Composition I

English 100 is an introduction to college composition. Our class will focus on music to develop our writing literacies. Through writing about music, we will cover, but limit ourselves to, the following topical areas of study: the rhetorical triangle (logos, pathos, ethos), the canons of rhetoric (invention, arrangement, style, memory, delivery), audience, writing process (prewriting, writing, rewriting), researching and evaluating sources, documentation and citation, avoiding plagiarism.

-Attendance, participation, and short writing responses
-Four papers, meta-commentaries, and peer reviews
-Keeping current through email and Laulima

Class readings will be all digital, available online and through Laulima.

There are four papers in this class, each between 4-5 pages long. All papers will be accompanied by a short meta-commentary. You will need to bring three printed hardcopies of your paper when the draft is due.

Your grade will be 80% from your papers (including the drafts, meta-commentaries, and peer reviews), and 20% class participation and short assignments. You must complete all four papers to pass the class.

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