Composition I

ENG 100 – Composition I
CRN 83312 (section 2)
University of Hawaiʻi-Mānoa, Sakamaki A102
MWF 7:30-8:20 am, Fall 2019

This class demonstrates how a standard first-year college writing course can be creative, deep, and expressive. In the first few papers, we will focus on genre modes (such as illustration, analysis, narration, description), tonal techniques (depicting emotions, thoughts, and other subjective sensibilities), and developing a distinctive voice as a writer. In the mid-semester, we will focus in curating and presenting information from other sources into a cohesive, credible argument–the classic “research papers” but learned with a digital-era emphasis on media literacy. Finally, we will end the term with a fun and possibly mouthy exercise of using writing towards critical assessment, recommendation, and just plain old-fashioned judgement.

You will need: your UH email account, regular and reliable access to the Laulima course website and to Microsoft Word, and consistent attendance and participation.

No textbook will be required to purchase; this is a zero textbook cost course. However, we will read (free) work by writers and scholars online which will be assigned as part of the course materials.

Major papers of about 4 double-spaced pages long (except as otherwise noted), each requiring a rough and a final draft as well as tiered writing exercises leading up to those drafts, include:

* An illustration essay [3-page writing sample]
* An analytical essay
* An persuasive research paper about a social issue
* A critical or reflective evaluation essay

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