Composition I

This course will prepare you for the demands of college writing and beyond. By the end of the course, you will understand how writing is shaped by various purposes, audiences, and contexts. In addition to building on your writing process to become a more effective and efficient writer, you will also improve your research skills. You will learn how to quickly locate and carefully evaluate the information to share with your readers.

Because argumentative writing is so common in both academic conversations and public discourse, you will devote a considerable amount of effort to analyzing, researching, and writing arguments of various types. Your major writing assignments will typically focus on an issue of your choice.

Assignments include:

  • Three short papers (approximately five pages each)
  • One longer paper (approximately seven pages)
  • Regular supplemental assignments and readings to support your progress on your formal writing projects.

You will need:

  • Daily access to a computer.
  • A printer or printing services.

You will not need to purchase a textbook for this course.

The above information is subject to change. For questions about the course, please email the instructor at