Composition I

Course Description:

In this course, we will learn how to write effectively for a variety of audiences and in diverse forms so that you will be better prepared to identify and work across the writing contexts that you’ll encounter in your college courses and even outside of them (e.g., in your job). We will learn how to identify and effectively address an audience, how to conduct research and engage with source material(s), and how to plan and revise your work. We will begin with an introspective take on the life of the student (you) via a personal narrative and how you make meaning within a given place, particularly through your experiences and explorations of Oʻahu. We will then build on this foundation by investigating and consciously thinking and talking about larger social issues, such as those related to community, colonialism, and culture, issues that affect people’s lived experiences in daily life. We will first explore these issues (and maybe others) in response to Folks You Meet in Longs and Other Stories, by Lee Cataluna. You will then set to work in researching the issue of your choice within the contexts of the assignment. Don’t worry: I will support your efforts at each step. In the end, you will produce a researched-based, persuasive paper in which you construct a conversation about the issue you have chosen and weigh in on that conversation in informed ways, eventually calling readers to respond to the issue you are discussing.

In total, you will have produce at least 5,000 words of finished prose.

Required Text(s):

  • Folks You Meet in Longs and Other Stories, by Lee Cataluna
  • Building Bridges through Writing (2014), by Trixie G. Smith & Allison D. Smith with Holly Hamby
  • Any supplemental materials/readings will be distributed in-class and/or be made available for download as a PDF via Laulima.

Example Course Assignments:

  • In-class work/participation
  • Personal Narrative
  • Rhetorical Analysis
  • Proposal
  • Annotated Bibliography
  • Final Research/Argument Essay
  • Meta-Commentaries

*The completion of all assignments is mandatory in order to receive a passing grade.*

Please contact me via my UH e-mail,, if you have have any questions.