Composition I

Welcome to English 100!

This course will cover a variety writing genres, including but not limited to proposals, bibliographies, formal emails, blog posts, and academic essays. Throughout the semesters, you will learn to identify and effectively address an audience, to conduct research and engage with source material, and to critically read and write about different rhetorical forms.

In this class, we will also be exploring how language, writing, and other mediums can shape our identities and stories. You will be asked to share your own stories throughout the class, while also choosing a major sociopolitical issue that interests you, to explore in a variety of exercises (written and verbal). As we will be discussing identity in our class, some issues might include gender, race, sexuality, culture, etc. We’ll first explore these issues (and others) in response to short stories, short films, music, and comics that range in genres.

Throughout the course, you will brainstorm, research, and critically write about an issue or topic of your choosing. In the end, you will produce a research-based, persuasive paper in which you construct a conversation about the issue you’ve chosen. In total, you will have produced 5,000 words of finished prose.

Components of the class:

  1. Participation – In Class Writing, Group Work, and Class Discussion (10%)
  2. Weekly Laulima Blog posts, Annotations, and other Homework (10%)
  3. Drafts, Workshops, and Conferences (10%)
  4. Brainstorming Paper – Identifying the Topic Assignment (10%) [1000+ words]
  5. Annotated Bibliography and Proposal Assignment (15%) [1300+ words]
  6. Personal Storytelling Project + Rhetorical Justification Paper (20%) [1200+ words]
  7. Final Argumentative Paper (25%) [1500+ words]

Required Text:

You are required to buy one manual text, but the majority of the required reading material will be provided on Laulima.