Composition I

Through predominant readings and other inspiring activities, this course will invigorate your writing across socio-political and cultural visions which affect the contemporary Americas. We will definitely explore rhetorical strategies (subject, purpose, audience, etc.) as they are fundamental components of a composition as well as revision strategies. The class activities will include (but are not limited to): reading a multitude of academic essays across perspectives (all of which will be available online or as handouts), online researching, debating, peer-reviewing, and presenting your final research. All these activities will, ultimately, enrich your language repertoire and sharpen your academic composition which seems to be an onus or nerve-breaking experience in the absence of ac- tive reading. By exploring the rhetorical situation for diverse texts, you will know how to write critically and persuasively in specific situations and for particular audiences. By the end of this course, you will be able to write a research-based argument. With a cornucopia of creatively designed activities, this course will ideally make your writing journey an experience of wonder.