Composition I


ENG 100, Section 7

MWF 1030-1120

J. Vera Lee


Office: 317 KUY


“Voices from the hanging-tree

where old growth and young growth

exchange rings.”

from glottal stop, Paul Celan


While ENG 100 serves as an introduction to college composition, this particular section relies on student engagement, i.e., curiosity, question, or critical inquiry, as a foundation for writing. Class discussion and participation will be considered a space for thinking and working out ideas and questions. Students will spend time framing and reframing idea fragments and questions to inform and deepen their writing processes. Students will fashion inquiries and projects to engage with and explore interests of their own choosing, all the while developing a consciousness of the development of a personal writing process, practice, and voice. Students will gain an understanding of what it is to use language as an interface for communication and agent of influence within a community or discourse.

Required Texts & Resources: Reading and resource material will be available on Laulima; MLA Formatting and Style Guide, Purdue OWL

Requirements:  Attendance (mandatory) 20%, Rhetorical Analysis Essay 10%, Research Project 40%, Personal Narrative 30%