Composition I

English 100 is an introduction to college writing and critical thinking. The focus of this course will be to increase comfort in engaging with college-level writing through weekly reading and writing assignments. Writing is really hard; students of this course will develop the ability to write at length, and have an easier time doing so at all points of the writing process.


-Four major papers, and peer reviews

-Attendance, participation, and short writing responses

-Keeping current through email and Laulima


There is no text to purchase. Class readings will be all digital, available online and through Laulima.


There are four major papers in this class, three between 4-5 pages in length, and a final research paper 8-10 pages long.


Your grade will be based on your papers (including the drafts and peer reviews), in-class journaling, class participation, and short assignments. You must complete all four major papers to pass the class. Attendance is mandatory.