Composition I

Composition I – Resistance and Healing

“each morning I stitch a scowl / to my smile. let my eyes sass / every person standing between me / & the bus stop. my eyelashes / icy. call it survival. call it eyeliner / so crisp it could kill a bitch.” – Fatimah Asghar, “Stank Face”

This course will approach college writing and rhetoric through themes of resistance and healing, including concepts such as sumud, sometimes translated with the phrase “existence as resistance,” in film, literature, performance, music, and digital media of the 20th and 21st century. We will engage with works of poetry, fiction, non-fiction, and hybrid genres; writing and arts by women, men, and queer identified writers and artists; and creative resistance within occupied territories and in worldwide diasporas. Topics of focus may include, among others, intersectional expressions of identity; frameworks, definitions, and aesthetics of resistance and healing; and multilingual dimensions of resistance and healing.

This course will offer extensive opportunities for digitally based composition. Students will have the opportunity to customize assignments to their own interests.

Major Assignments will include 4 short papers, weekly blog posts, and a final exam.

Paper 1 – 10 points
Paper 2 – 15 points
Research Paper – 15 points
Personal Narrative Paper – 20 points
Revision – 15 points
Attendance – 10 points
Participation – 5 points
Blog Posts – 10 points