Composition I

Course Description: Aloha and welcome to English 100. This course serves as an introduction to the rhetorical, conceptual, and stylistic demands of writing at the university level. Furthermore, this class will enhance your writing skills for academic, professional, and personal use, while focusing on the environment and sustainability in Hawai‘i. You will be asked to look upon your community with a critical eye, analyzing how our actions have an effect upon Hawai‘i’s environment. Some questions that we will consider: What is the environment? What is an environmental issue? What can be/is/would be something that harms the environment? What can we do to avoid or mitigate that issue? What would be the benefits of having a socially aware population (or class) in regards to environmental issues and sustainability? There will be 4 major assignments, including a final argumentative research paper focusing on an environmental issue in Hawai‘i of your choosing. There will be 3 short, in-class presentations based on your research and interests. All texts and readings for the class will be provided by the instructor.