Composition I

English 100: Composition 1

Instructor: Kapena Landgraf

Course Specifics: Sec. 046, CRN: 85869

Term: Fall 2018 via UH-Mānoa

Course Medium: Online Course via Laulima



Throughout the fall 2018 semester, the course will involve various reading, journaling, and essay writing activities to hone and further develop a student’s writing literacies.

This course will allow students to realize the functional purposes of writing in their lives.  We will begin by canvassing the fundamentals of essay structure, formatting, and citations.  Throughout the course, students will have the opportunity to identify and/or study: 1) various essays types and their uses, 2) the application of rhetorical appeals (rhetorical triangle – ethos, pathos, logos) within their writing strategy, and 3) how these processes/concepts can be tailored to meet the demands of a specific audience.  Also, students will practice the process of writing itself (pre-writing, writing, and re-writing), techniques toward researching and evaluating/citing resources/documentation, as well as advance their overall literary knowledge.


Course Objectives and Student Learning Outcomes:

1) To compose college-level writing, including, but not limited to, academic discourse, that achieves a specific purpose and responds adeptly to an identifiable audience.

2) Provide evidence of effective strategies for generating, revising, editing, and proofreading a text in order to produce finished prose.

3) Compose an argument that makes use of source material that is relevant and credible and that is integrated in accordance with an appropriate style guide.



There are four (4) major writing assignments including: 1) a summary/critical response essay, 2) an image analysis/comparison essay, 3) an academic interview and report, and 4) a final research paper.

Writing is an act that is hardly done in isolation.  This course will emphasize collaborative work during multiple stages of the writing process.  Certain days during the session will involve peer review.  For these practices, Google Drive and Documents will be used as a means of distribution and commentary.



1) Consistent monitoring of e-mail correspondence and course section on Laulima website for updates, assignments, and reading materials.

2) Four (4) major papers (about 5-7 pages each) and weekly Laulima “blog” responses.

3) Participation in online discussion activities, group work, and peer review.


Course Texts & Required Materials/Supplies:

1) Access to the internet and UH’s Laulima course website.

2) Access to, and use of, Microsoft Office Word professor, PDF files, and Google Document/Drive services.

3) Reading materials for the course will be distributed via Laulima for download in PDF format.  I anticipate that this course will not require the purchase of any textbook or reader, but this is a tentative description.  Every effort will be made to keep material costs to an absolute minimum.



This course will be graded using a point value system.  Grades for this course will use pluses/minuses.  A strict ZERO TOLERANCE policy for plagiarism, cheating, or any other form of academic dishonesty is observed.


***Disclaimer:  This is a tentative course description.  All contents and details may be subject to change.  For the latest information on this course, contact the instructor KAPENA M. LANDGRAF at KAPENAML@HAWAII.EDU