Composition I

This class is intended to develop your skills in writing, reasoning, argumentation, and research, which prepares you to express yourself clearly, strongly and persuasively in various academic contexts as well as in your career and the rest of your life. The assignments will cover many of the skills necessary for research-based composition and you will have practice writing in various genres.

Important Notes about Online Learning:

This is an ONLINE ONLY class. For the whole semester, all interaction with your instructor and your classmates will be by way of the Laulima and the Canvas systems. I will also be available through scheduled chat sessions on Canvas and via email, phone, or Skype.

You need to DISCIPLINE yourself and manage your time judiciously. The class will require at least as much time as a face-to-face class (3 hrs per week plus reading and assignments). If you do not devote that much or more time to your work, it is likely that your grade will reflect that.

You MUST read the class announcements EVERY DAY and CAREFULLY. I will be sending out announcements very often throughout the semester that will show up in your email and be archived on Canvas. This is where you’ll get the most important timely information.

If there is ANYTHING you do not understand completely, it will be YOUR RESPONSIBILITY TO ASK ME before you submit your work. I will try to be clear, but it is hard for me to tell if you are confused in an online environment, often until it is too late (e.g., when I’m grading your submitted work). Email me early!

Successful online learning requires that you be PRO-ACTIVE, COMMUNICATIVE, and DILIGENT. If you are not realistically willing and able to put in the extra effort to succeed in the online environment, YOU SHOULD TRANSFER INTO A DIFFERENT SECTION.