Composition I

Course Description
English 100 is an introductory writing course designed to improve student writing. Through formal and informal writing assignments you develop the foundational critical thinking and writing skills needed to communicate and convey your ideas successfully at the university level. You will learn to write nuanced and engaging sentences; build effective paragraphs; construct arguments; engage various audiences; and integrate other people’s thoughts into your own. In the end, these course activities and assignments will encourage you to be more reflective, critical, and careful writers.

Student Learning Outcomes (SLOs)

  • Compose college-level writing, including, but not limited to, academic discourse, that achieves a specific purpose and responds adeptly to an identifiable audience.
  • Provide evidence of effective strategies for generating, revising, editing, and proofreading a text in order to produce finished prose.
  • Compose an argument that makes use of source material that is relevant and credible and that is integrated in accordance with an appropriate MLA style guide.

Course Texts and Resources
All course readings will be provided by the instructor via the course website. No books to buy!

Course Requirements
There are four major paper assignments: Audience essay, Rhetorical “text” analysis, UHM discipline reports, and Researched argumentative essay. Additionally, throughout the semester, students will write short blog posts that are intended to help you explore, summarize, analyze, or synthesize course material. Lastly, students will research and present on an English-related topic and facilitate a short activity that will reinforce the presented material in a practical way (i.e., a short quiz, group discussion, editing activity, etc.).

Course description is subject to change. Email instructor at with any questions.