Composition I

This is a writing class. You’ll be asked to push your understanding of writing and language. Over the semester, you’ll confront questions about what writing is and what it means to be a writer. Together, you and your classmates will explore and be exposed to different types of writing and will deepen your understanding of writing as an act that happens not just in academic communities, but as something that resides in a multitude of spaces and places – and as something that takes on a variety of forms. Good writing starts with good questions, so this class will be driven by the questions you and the instructor formulate both within and outside the classroom. As a class, we’ll reflect on invention, arrangement, and revision in a variety of writing contexts. Work will occur individually, in small groups, and as a class. At the course conclusion, you’ll better understand the possibilities of writing in different contexts and within different communities. Assignments will include a Learning Memoir, a Cultural Artifact Analysis, a Disciplinary Literacy Paper, a Remix Project, and a Reflection. No formal text is required for the course; instead, the instructor will make readings available in-class and on-line.