Composition I


English 100 is an introduction to college writing and critical thought. The focus of the course will be to increase comfort in writing and develop your unique voice. Multiple genres of writing will be covered, including working as critics by analyzing and writing reviews (examples include food, online product, and academic essay reviews). We will also cover the following areas of study: audience, writing process (prewriting, writing, rewriting), researching and evaluating sources, documentation and citation, avoiding plagiarism.


-Attendance, participation, and short writing responses

-Four papers, and peer reviews

-Keeping current through email and Laulima


Class readings will be all digital, available online and through Laulima.


There are four major papers in this class, each between 4-6 pages long. All papers will be accompanied by a short meta-commentary.


Your grade will be 60% from your papers (including the drafts and peer reviews), and 40% class participation and short assignments. You must complete all four papers to pass the class.