Career Decision-Making for English Majors/Minors

Course Description

Do you suffer from “English major panic?” Do you wonder (and sometimes worry) about life after graduation? This brand new course is designed to help our students discover and identify potential innovative as well as traditional career paths related to English studies. Keeping in mind students of creative writing, cultural studies, literary studies and rhetoric and composition as well as students with English as a minor and/or related majors in Communicology, Journalism, and Media Studies, this course will give students the information and resources to help them imagine and begin to work toward future career paths. Students will have opportunities to practice important job market skills, such as networking and interviewing. Guest speakers will include former students with successful careers in the law, web design, journalism, p.r., management, and education. Individual and tailored consultations with UHM’s Career Center will be arranged. Students will begin to identify their own strengths, interests, and relevant work experience as beginning points for embarking on their individual job searches.

Assignments include crafting site-specific resumes, application letters, and portfolios as well as a written report of a tailored job search.


Required texts

Designing Your Life by Bill Burnett and Dave Evans. Additional pdfs will be provided by the instructor.