Career Decisions for ENG Majors

If you are an English major close to graduating, you have probably been asked: “What’s next?” This course is designed to help you answer that question with confidence. Whether you have focused on creative writing, cultural studies, literary studies, or rhetoric and composition, you will spend the semester grappling with the practical considerations necessary for forging your post-graduation path.

The course will help you identify your individual personality and academic strengths, connecting them to job activities and careers that fit with your interests and goals. Together, we will explore a wide range of possible work environments, spanning everything from corporations to non-profits and government, with additional consideration of free-lance opportunities and graduate and/or professional school options. This class is meant to offer you a very specific set of tools and best practices that you need to find your way. By the end of the semester, you should have a clear and confident answer to “what’s next?”

Because this course is designed to guide you on your way to post-graduation life, you will spend a significant amount of time organizing and managing an actual job search. As part of this broader effort, over the semester, the course will create opportunities and deliver practical advice for you in the following areas:

  • Fine-tuning your networking skills and building your professional network;
  • Drafting, refining, and submitting targeted resumes and cover letters;
  • Building and sharing compelling portfolios that highlight the quality and value of your work;
  • The course will also devote time to practical exercises – such as mock interviewing – to prepare you for the job market.

Graded assignments will include developing targeted resumes, application letters, and a comprehensive portfolio. Reflection papers will accompany each. A final written paper will summarize and reflect on your experience, major points of learning, and address your preparation for the job market.

Note: There is no required textbook. All readings will be provided electronically via Laulima.