Business Writing

Course Objectives:
Over the six weeks of this course, we will explore various forms of business communication, including (but not limited to) email correspondence, inter-office memos, formal letters, short reports, long reports, oral presentations, and resume writing. We will proceed through he course producing documents in an order that simulates getting and working in a job: we will begin by discussing the elements of effective writing in the business arena, simulate a job search and produce all the appropriate documents, then practice writing in several business situations, and we will culminate the course by designing a website that includes research in an area of business you are interested in.

In addition, successful completion of this course will result in an understanding of the rhetorical situation specifically as it pertains to writing tasks in the business arena, and how to use writing to clarify and articulate your thoughts in ways that are appropriate in various contexts and for different audiences. You will also become accustomed to, if not comfortable with, the writing process and work towards identifying inventions strategies that work for you.  It is my goal that by the end of the course you will be both familiar and comfortable with the writing demands and challenges you might face in your careers and feel confident in your ability to negotiate an array of business writing situations.

Required Texts:
Readings, Course Packet, and Assignments all uploaded as pdf. to our class site

Assignments & Grading:
Class Participation15%:
Peer Group Workshops 10%, General Participation 5%

Short Assignments 25%:
1-2 page writing assignments in response to particular business writing situations.

Job Search Project 15%:   
The materials assembled for this project will be presented in a 6 (or more)- page packet. You will conduct research on a job you are interested in and produce all the materials necessary to apply for that job, including writing an application letter(s) and resume, designing interview questions, and writing thank you letters.

Final Project, Research + Website 45%:
Final Product 30%
You will produce a (at minimum) 3 webpage website that presents research (in some way).
Preliminary work 15%: 
Proposal memo, Notes, Draft