Colloquium Series

Fall 2016 English Department Colloquium Schedule


All events are at 3:00 in KUY 410 unless otherwise specified




9/1                 Department meeting




9/13               Donna Haraway, Professor Emeritus at University of California at Santa Cruz, reading and book signing, Staying With the Trouble: Making Kin in the Cthulucene (co-sponsored with Revolution Books)


9/15               Lynn Itagaki, Associate Professor at Ohio State University, “Lives that Matter: The 1992 Los Angeles Rebellion, Civil Racism, and the Vengeance of a Divided Country”


9/22               Concentration Groups meetings


9/29               Job Placement Workshop


10/4               Marie Alohalani Brown, UHM Religion Department, “Facing the Spears of Change”


10/6               Britton Brooks, “Anglo-Saxon Soundscapes: Elemental and Animate Creation”


10/12             6:00 Chadwick Lecture: Fred Moten, Professor at University of California at Riverside, “Insovereignty & Cinema”


10/13             12:00 Chadwick seminar: Fred Moten

10/13             3:00 Words @ Manoa Reading: Fred Moten


10/14             11:30 Creative Writing Workshop: Fred Moten


10/20             Department Meeting


10/27             English 625 student presentations (1)


10/31             Fiorenzo Iuliano, Assistant Professor of American Literature, University of Cagliari, Sardinia, “Specters of the 1990s: Seattle as archive city”


11/3               English 625 student presentations (2)


11/10             Ida Yoshinaga, “Indigenous Screenwriting Labor, Media Convergence, and a Digital Theory of Cultural Storytelling Expropriation”


11/17             Craig Howes, “Comic Periodicals in their Youth: The Case of Punch


11/22             “Identifying and Working with Students in Distress,” with Joel Gaffney and Rebecca Cowan


11/24             Thanksgiving




12/9               12:00 Department Party


University of Hawaii at Manoa

Department of English

Fall 2015

Colloquium Series & Department Meetings Schedule

(3:00 – 4:30 pm in KUY 410 unless otherwise noted)



Department Meeting



“Simulation, Metaphor and an Obese Pink Monster”

Dave Ciccoricco, University of Otago-Dunedin, Aotearoa/NZ



Limbo: A Novel About Jamaica – book launch

Esther Figueroa with Shawna Yang Ryan, Rajiv Mohabir and Rain Cannon Wright

(5:30 – 7:30 pm)


SEPTEMBER 10:     

“Literatures of the World: An Inquiry”

S. Shankar, UHM-English



“Creating Futures Rooted in Wonder” Symposium Opening Roundtable

Speakers: Cristina Bacchilega, Grace Dillon, Kamuela Enos, Jon Osorio, Nisi Shawl (Moderator Bryan Kamaoli Kuwada)



“Working With Students in Distress”

Katherine Fast & Jesse Hutchison (Counseling & Student Development Center) organized by Daphne Desser, Director of First-Year Writing and Mentoring



Graduate Program Concentration Group Meetings



Department Meeting



Rank Meetings of the Policy Committee

(I-5 in KUY 410, 1-4 in KUY 412A, I-3 in Kuy 409 and grad students in KUY 415)



Memorial Poetry Reading in Honor of Nell Altizer

Organized by Joe OʻMealy and Mark Wilson



“Pacific Currents” – a special issue of American Quarterly launch

Paul Lyons, UHM-English and Ty P. Kāwika Tengan, UHM-Ethnic Studies

Co-sponsored with American Studies and Ethnic Studies

(3:00 – 5:00 pm KUY 410)


English 625 Colloquium on Citizenship



English 625 Colloquium on Citizenship


“Life in Occupied Palestine” – a special issue of Biography launch

Ibrahim Aoude, UHM-Ethnic Studies, Morgan Cooper & Cynthia Franklin, UHM-English

(6:00 – 8:00 pm in KUY 410)



Department Meeting



“Tokyo Apocalypse: The Ends of Neon Genesis Evangelion”

Steven Holmes – PhD Graduate Student in English



Distinguished Writer-in-Residence Reading

Emelihter Kihleng



Department Meeting



CW Graduate Students Reading

Organized by Joseph Han & Rajiv Mohabir, PhD Grad Students in English



End of the Semester Celebration

(Noon in KUY 410)







All colloquia are held Thursdays at 3 PM in KUY 410 unless otherwise noted.

AUG. 28 Department Meeting
SEPT. 04 Graduate Students of UH-M Department of English, “Creative Writing Series” (contact: David Scrivner)
SEPT. 11 Graduate Students of UH-M Department of English, “Weave Our Stories Together: Teaching Hawaiian and Pacific Literatures” (contact: Aiko Yamashiro)
SEPT. 18 Ku‘ualoha ho‘omanawanui, UH-M Department of English, “Beyond Voices of Fire—New Insights into Hawaiian Literary Genealogies”
SEPT. 25 Graduate Program Concentration Meetings, UH-M Department of English
OCT. 02 Robert McHenry, UH-M Department of English and Ruth Bingham, UH-M Student Academic Services, “New Advising Tools and Procedures”
OCT. 09 John Rieder, UH-M Department of English, “The Mass Cultural Genre System”
OCT. 16 Georganne Nordstrom, UH-M Department of English, “Pidgin As Rhetorical Sovereignty: Articulating Indigenous and Minority Rhetorical Practices with the Language Politics of Place”
OCT. 23 English 625 Graduate Colloquia – begun
OCT. 30 English 625 Graduate Colloquia – concluded
NOV. 06 Graduate Students of UH-M Department of English, “Creative Writing Series” (contact: Rajiv Mohabir)
NOV. 13 Presentations and Q&A by Profs. Laura Lyons and Cynthia Ward, candidates for English Department Chair
NOV. 20
DEC. 04 Allison Hedge Coke, Visiting Distinguished Writer. UH Art Gallery 4-6:00 pm Performance, talk, new book and album signing, and refreshments.
DEC. 11 Recognition reception for graduating students and others, 3 PM

All colloquia are held Thursdays at 3 PM in KUY 410 unless otherwise noted.

JAN. 23 Dan Talaupapa McMullin, The New Oceania Literary Series
JAN. 30 Cristina Bacchilega and John Rieder, UH-M, “The Fairy Tale and the Commercial in Carosello and Fractured Fairy Tales”
FEB. 06 Kristine Kotecki, UH-M, “An Image of Europe’s Future: Susan Sontag’s Humanitarian Arts in Beseiged Sarajevo”
FEB. 13 Petra Kuppers, University of Michigan, “Community Performance and Eco-Poetics”
FEB. 18(TU) Sudesh Mishra, The New Oceania Literary Series
FEB. 20 Nandini Chandra, University of Delhi, “The Child Political”
FEB. 27 Jason Lewis, Concordia University, reading, title to be announced
MAR. 06 Anna Feuerstein, UH-M, “Realism’s Animal: Sympathy, the Seashore, and Animal Alterity in George Eliot’s Adam Bede”
MAR. 11(TU) Katherine Hill & Kirsten Kaschock, The New Oceania Literary Series
MAR. 13 Kenneth Kidd, University of Florida, Chadwick Lecture Series: “Children’s Literature as Queer Theory / Queer Theory as Children’s Literature”
MAR. 20 Annie Fukushima, Rutgers University, “Asian and Latina/o Trafficked Migrant Crossings and an American Haunting: From Chinese Exclusions to the ‘Ghost Case’”
APR. 03 Paul Lyons, UH-M, “Prospects for Reading African (American) and Pacific Literatures Together”
APR. 10 Kristiana Kahakauwila, Western Washington University, Marjorie Putnam Sinclair Edel Reading Series
APR. 17 Cody White, UH-M, “Why Not Comics?: Challenging the Graphic Novel Canon in the University”
APR. 24 Graduate Students Meeting

All a are held at 3 PM Thursday in Kuykendall 410 unless otherwise noted. Fall 2013 schedule is currently being finalized.

Aug. 29 Thursday Opening get-together with new faculty
Sept. 5 Thursday
Sept. 12 Thursday Cynthia Franklin, Professor of English, UHM, “Why Anti-Zionism Is Not Anti-Semitic, Or, What I Learned Traveling from Tel Aviv through the oPt”
Sept. 19 Thursday Gary Pak, Professor of English, UHM, “What I Did on my Sabbatical”
Sept. 26 Thursday Concentration Meetings, Department of English Graduate Program
Oct. 3 Thursday Jill Dahlman, Lecturer, UHM, “New Genesis: Re-evaluating the Paradigms of the First Year Composition Classroom”
Oct. 10 Thursday Marika Wilbur, “Project 562: Documenting Contemporary Native America through Photography”
Oct. 17 Thursday Jacqueline Chappel, Lecturer, UHM, “A Good Girl Goes to Vegas, a YA novel in progress”
Oct. 24 Thursday Department Meeting
Oct. 31 Thursday Shawna Ryan, Fiona Sze-Lorrain, and others, “Freedom of Writers in China, the United States, and Europe”—a panel discussion
Nov. 7 Thursday 6:30

Esther Figueroa, Distinguished Visiting Writer, “Loving Jamaica: An Evening of Poetry, Prose, and Film with Esther Figueroa” TO BE HELD AT The Center for Hawaiian Studies. Check out the flyer here.

Nov. 12 Tuesday Reading/ creative writing / contact: Craig Santos Perez
Nov. 14 Thursday Chadwick Lecture: Pauline Greenhill, Professor, Women’s and Gender Studies, University of Winnipeg, “’If Thou Be Woman, Be Now Man!’: Fairy Tale Transsexual Imagination”
Nov. 21 Thursday Urvashi Chakravarty, Professor of English, UHM
Nov. 28 Thursday Thanksgiving Holiday
Dec. 5 Thursday Graduate Program’s 625 Courses’ Colloquia
Dec. 12 Thursday Graduate Program’s 625 Courses’ Colloquia