Colloquium Series

SPRING 2017 English Department Colloquium Series


All events held in KUY 410 unless otherwise indicated.


1/12               3:00 Department meeting


1/19               3:00 Jose Cortez, U. of Arizona, candidate for Comp/Rhet position


1/25               6:00 Reading by Visiting Distinguished Writer Ann Pancake


1/26               3:00 John Gagnon, U of Michigan, candidate for Comp/Rhet position


1/31               3:00 “Teaching Gender Identity: Beyond the Binary.” Workshop on non-Binary Gender Identification conducted by Camaron Miyamoto, Director, UH Mānoa LGBTQ+ Center


2/1                 3:00 “Teaching Gender Identity: Beyond the Binary.” Workshop on non-Binary Gender Identification conducted by Camaron Miyamoto, Director, UH Mānoa LGBTQ+ Center


2/2                 3:00 Adam Miyashiro, Stockton U, candidate for Medieval/Early Modern position


2/9                 3:00 Ann Shivers-McNair, U of Washington, candidate for Comp/Rhet position


2/16               3:00 Panel for students participating in CCCC, organized by Daphne Desser, Georganne Nordstrom, and Sarah Allen


2/23               3:00 Derrick Higginbotham, U of Cape Town, candidate for Medieval/Early Modern position


3/2                 3:00 Adam Goldwyn, North Dakota State U, candidate for Medieval/Early Modern position


3/7                 3:00 Marjorie Liu, Chadwick lecture, “Be Fearless: Writing About Race, Sexuality, and Feminism”


3/8                 7:00, Art Auditorium: Reading by Junot Diaz


3/9                 10:30 Marjorie Liu workshop, “The Art of Writing Comics”


3/9                 3:30, BusAd A102: Junot Diaz, “I Will Build A Great Wall: Notes On Borders, Immigrants and the Future in the Age of Trump”


3/10               10:30 Junot Diaz workshop, Ah Quon McElrath Room, George Hall 301B, “The First Impulse: One Immigrant POC’s Guide to Surviving Activism, Academia and Ourselves”


3/14               3:00 David Baker, UNC Chapel Hill, “Making M.A.C.M.O.R.R.I.S: A Digital Early Modern Ireland”


3/16               3:00 Pauline Greenhill, U of Winnipeg, “Transforming Cinderellas and Cinderfellas:  Sexes, Genders, and Sexualities in Fairy-Tale Films”


3/23               3:00 Reading by Rob Spillman, Words @ Manoa series


4/6                 3:00 Department Chair Election meeting


4/12               6:00 Reading by Sesshu Foster, Words @ Manoa series


4/13               3:00 Graduate Program Assessment meeting


4/20               3:00 Judith Lee, Ohio University, “American Humor and Matters of Empire”


4/21               3:30 Book launch for Valerie Wayne’s Arden Shakespeare edition of Cymbeline and John Rieder’s Science Fiction and the Mass Cultural Genre System (Wesleyan UP)


4/26               6:00 Reading & Performance by Andrea Hairston, Words@ Manoa series


4/27               3:00 Department meeting on hiring priorities


5/4                 12:00 Department party

Fall 2017 English Department Colloquium Schedule


All events are at 3:00 in KUY 410 unless otherwise specified


8/24               3:00 Department meeting, 4:00 fall reception


9/7                 Book launch for S. Shankar’s novel Ghost In The Tamarind


9/14               The Impossibly Thin Legs of My Racing Camels: Loving the Life and Writing the Book, a reading by Kathy J. Phillips.


9/21               Concentration meetings


9/28               The Everywhere That is Nowhere: Readings from Jaimie Gusman’s book of poems, Anyjar


10/5               Department meeting


10/12             Rank meetings


10/19             Words@Mānoa Reading: Eileen Tabios


10/26             English 625 student presentations: “On Resistance”


11/2               English 625 student presentations: “On Resistance”


11/9               Department meeting


11/16             Michael Weems, “Light Upon Light: A Skeptic’s Conversion to Imperfect Islam”


11/30             “Issues in Rhetoric and Composition.” Sarah Allen, Daphne Desser, and John Gagnon


12/8               12:00 End of Semester Department Party and Awards Ceremony


Fall 2016 English Department Colloquium Schedule


All events are at 3:00 in KUY 410 unless otherwise specified




9/1                 Department meeting




9/13               Donna Haraway, Professor Emeritus at University of California at Santa Cruz, reading and book signing, Staying With the Trouble: Making Kin in the Cthulucene (co-sponsored with Revolution Books)


9/15               Lynn Itagaki, Associate Professor at Ohio State University, “Lives that Matter: The 1992 Los Angeles Rebellion, Civil Racism, and the Vengeance of a Divided Country”


9/22               Concentration Groups meetings


9/29               Job Placement Workshop


10/4               Marie Alohalani Brown, UHM Religion Department, “Facing the Spears of Change”


10/6               Britton Brooks, “Anglo-Saxon Soundscapes: Elemental and Animate Creation”


10/12             6:00 Chadwick Lecture: Fred Moten, Professor at University of California at Riverside, “Insovereignty & Cinema”


10/13             12:00 Chadwick seminar: Fred Moten

10/13             3:00 Words @ Manoa Reading: Fred Moten


10/14             11:30 Creative Writing Workshop: Fred Moten


10/20             Department Meeting


10/27             English 625 student presentations (1)


10/31             Fiorenzo Iuliano, Assistant Professor of American Literature, University of Cagliari, Sardinia, “Specters of the 1990s: Seattle as archive city”


11/3               English 625 student presentations (2)


11/10             Ida Yoshinaga, “Indigenous Screenwriting Labor, Media Convergence, and a Digital Theory of Cultural Storytelling Expropriation”


11/17             Craig Howes, “Comic Periodicals in their Youth: The Case of Punch


11/22             “Identifying and Working with Students in Distress,” with Joel Gaffney and Rebecca Cowan


11/24             Thanksgiving




12/9               12:00 Department Party


University of Hawaii at Manoa

Department of English

Fall 2015

Colloquium Series & Department Meetings Schedule

(3:00 – 4:30 pm in KUY 410 unless otherwise noted)



Department Meeting



“Simulation, Metaphor and an Obese Pink Monster”

Dave Ciccoricco, University of Otago-Dunedin, Aotearoa/NZ



Limbo: A Novel About Jamaica – book launch

Esther Figueroa with Shawna Yang Ryan, Rajiv Mohabir and Rain Cannon Wright

(5:30 – 7:30 pm)


SEPTEMBER 10:     

“Literatures of the World: An Inquiry”

S. Shankar, UHM-English



“Creating Futures Rooted in Wonder” Symposium Opening Roundtable

Speakers: Cristina Bacchilega, Grace Dillon, Kamuela Enos, Jon Osorio, Nisi Shawl (Moderator Bryan Kamaoli Kuwada)



“Working With Students in Distress”

Katherine Fast & Jesse Hutchison (Counseling & Student Development Center) organized by Daphne Desser, Director of First-Year Writing and Mentoring



Graduate Program Concentration Group Meetings



Department Meeting



Rank Meetings of the Policy Committee

(I-5 in KUY 410, 1-4 in KUY 412A, I-3 in Kuy 409 and grad students in KUY 415)



Memorial Poetry Reading in Honor of Nell Altizer

Organized by Joe OʻMealy and Mark Wilson



“Pacific Currents” – a special issue of American Quarterly launch

Paul Lyons, UHM-English and Ty P. Kāwika Tengan, UHM-Ethnic Studies

Co-sponsored with American Studies and Ethnic Studies

(3:00 – 5:00 pm KUY 410)


English 625 Colloquium on Citizenship



English 625 Colloquium on Citizenship


“Life in Occupied Palestine” – a special issue of Biography launch

Ibrahim Aoude, UHM-Ethnic Studies, Morgan Cooper & Cynthia Franklin, UHM-English

(6:00 – 8:00 pm in KUY 410)



Department Meeting



“Tokyo Apocalypse: The Ends of Neon Genesis Evangelion”

Steven Holmes – PhD Graduate Student in English



Distinguished Writer-in-Residence Reading

Emelihter Kihleng



Department Meeting



CW Graduate Students Reading

Organized by Joseph Han & Rajiv Mohabir, PhD Grad Students in English



End of the Semester Celebration

(Noon in KUY 410)







All colloquia are held Thursdays at 3 PM in KUY 410 unless otherwise noted.

AUG. 28 Department Meeting
SEPT. 04 Graduate Students of UH-M Department of English, “Creative Writing Series” (contact: David Scrivner)
SEPT. 11 Graduate Students of UH-M Department of English, “Weave Our Stories Together: Teaching Hawaiian and Pacific Literatures” (contact: Aiko Yamashiro)
SEPT. 18 Ku‘ualoha ho‘omanawanui, UH-M Department of English, “Beyond Voices of Fire—New Insights into Hawaiian Literary Genealogies”
SEPT. 25 Graduate Program Concentration Meetings, UH-M Department of English
OCT. 02 Robert McHenry, UH-M Department of English and Ruth Bingham, UH-M Student Academic Services, “New Advising Tools and Procedures”
OCT. 09 John Rieder, UH-M Department of English, “The Mass Cultural Genre System”
OCT. 16 Georganne Nordstrom, UH-M Department of English, “Pidgin As Rhetorical Sovereignty: Articulating Indigenous and Minority Rhetorical Practices with the Language Politics of Place”
OCT. 23 English 625 Graduate Colloquia – begun
OCT. 30 English 625 Graduate Colloquia – concluded
NOV. 06 Graduate Students of UH-M Department of English, “Creative Writing Series” (contact: Rajiv Mohabir)
NOV. 13 Presentations and Q&A by Profs. Laura Lyons and Cynthia Ward, candidates for English Department Chair
NOV. 20
DEC. 04 Allison Hedge Coke, Visiting Distinguished Writer. UH Art Gallery 4-6:00 pm Performance, talk, new book and album signing, and refreshments.
DEC. 11 Recognition reception for graduating students and others, 3 PM