Colloquium Series

Fall 2018 English Department Colloquium Schedule

[As always, please be on the lookout for adjustments/additions.]


All events are at 3:00 PM on Thursday in KUY 410 unless otherwise specified; unusual dates/times are bolded and/or marked with asterisks



8/23         3:00 PM Department Meeting; 4:00 PM Fall Reception


8/30         Mara Pike, College Mental Health Awareness Training (Workshop on Mental Health)


9/6            Vernadette Gonzalez: “Curating a Decolonial Guide to Hawai‘i: The Detours Project”


9/13         Department Meeting


9/20         Concentration Meetings (for Graduate Faculty)


*9/20        7:00 PM Tariq Luthun, Reading [Words@Mānoa Event]


9/27         Mahealani Ahia & LynleyShimat Lys (Hawaii Review), “Get Local: Creating a Hawai‘i Centered Open Educational Resource (OER) Textbook for the Humanities with Hawai‘i Review


10/4                  In Rank Meetings (for faculty)


10/11       S. Shankar:  “Readings, Rights, and Ahimsa: A Comparative Exploration of Freedom of Expression”

LLL Senior Research Award Lecture—hosted by Office of the Dean, College of LLL



10/18       ENG 625 student presentations


*10/18     5:30 PM J. Kēhaulani Kauanui, Talk based on Paradoxes of Hawaiian Sovereignty: Land, Sex, and the Colonial Politics of State Nationalism (Duke UP) & Speaking of Indigenous Politics (U of Minnesota P)—Location TBD


*F 10/19 5 PM Samiya Bashir, Reading [Words@Mānoa Event]


10/25       ENG 625 student presentations


*Sa 10/27         CW Conference [Words@Mānoa/ Hawaii Review Event]—Location TBD


11/1         Ramzy Baroud, “Give the Palestinian People the Right to Tell Their Own Stories”


11/8         Chadwick Lecture: Will Stockton and D. Period Gilson: “Between You and Me: A Queer Exegesis on dcTalk and Christian Pop Music”


11/15       Department Meeting


11/22       No Event: Thanksgiving


11/29       Nandi Odhiambo, Reading & Book Launch for Smells Like Stars


12/6         “The Global Early Modern: Reflections on Literature and History”–panel presentation by ENG 730 students


*F 12/7    12:00 Department Party

Spring 2018 English Department Colloquium Schedule


All events are at 3:00 in KUY 410 unless otherwise specified


1/11               Job candidate in Pacific Literature


1/18               Job candidate in Pacific Literature


1/24, 6:00     Reading by Grace Taylor, Visiting Writer in Residence


1/25               Job candidate in Pacific Literature


2/1                 Job candidate in Creative Writing


2/8                 Job candidate in Creative Writing


2/15               Job candidate in Creative Writing


2/22               Words@Manoa Series: Lisa Lucas, Executive Director of the National Book Award Foundation


3/1                 Department meeting






3/20               Words@Manoa Series: Padma Viswanathan


3/22               Graduate Program Assessment meeting, graduate students only


3/29               spring recess


4/5                 Malea Powell, Chair of Department of Writing, Rhetoric, and American Cultures, Michigan State University


4/12               “Use Your Reason”: Inclusive Islam in America, with Islamic scholar Aun Hasan Ali, followed by panel discussion with Ali, Ani Zonneveld, and Mickey Weems. Ali will explore the ways in which the Qur’an is and is not used in the practice of Islam worldwide. This is the first of a series of presentations on Inclusive Islam from April 12-18.


4/19               Department meeting


4/26               Cynthia Franklin, “The Making of the Future Life of Oscar Grant: Ryan Coogler’s Fruitvale Station and #BlackLivesMatter” 



5/3, 12:00     End of semester party



SPRING 2017 English Department Colloquium Series


All events held in KUY 410 unless otherwise indicated.


1/12               3:00 Department meeting


1/19               3:00 Jose Cortez, U. of Arizona, candidate for Comp/Rhet position


1/25               6:00 Reading by Visiting Distinguished Writer Ann Pancake


1/26               3:00 John Gagnon, U of Michigan, candidate for Comp/Rhet position


1/31               3:00 “Teaching Gender Identity: Beyond the Binary.” Workshop on non-Binary Gender Identification conducted by Camaron Miyamoto, Director, UH Mānoa LGBTQ+ Center


2/1                 3:00 “Teaching Gender Identity: Beyond the Binary.” Workshop on non-Binary Gender Identification conducted by Camaron Miyamoto, Director, UH Mānoa LGBTQ+ Center


2/2                 3:00 Adam Miyashiro, Stockton U, candidate for Medieval/Early Modern position


2/9                 3:00 Ann Shivers-McNair, U of Washington, candidate for Comp/Rhet position


2/16               3:00 Panel for students participating in CCCC, organized by Daphne Desser, Georganne Nordstrom, and Sarah Allen


2/23               3:00 Derrick Higginbotham, U of Cape Town, candidate for Medieval/Early Modern position


3/2                 3:00 Adam Goldwyn, North Dakota State U, candidate for Medieval/Early Modern position


3/7                 3:00 Marjorie Liu, Chadwick lecture, “Be Fearless: Writing About Race, Sexuality, and Feminism”


3/8                 7:00, Art Auditorium: Reading by Junot Diaz


3/9                 10:30 Marjorie Liu workshop, “The Art of Writing Comics”


3/9                 3:30, BusAd A102: Junot Diaz, “I Will Build A Great Wall: Notes On Borders, Immigrants and the Future in the Age of Trump”


3/10               10:30 Junot Diaz workshop, Ah Quon McElrath Room, George Hall 301B, “The First Impulse: One Immigrant POC’s Guide to Surviving Activism, Academia and Ourselves”


3/14               3:00 David Baker, UNC Chapel Hill, “Making M.A.C.M.O.R.R.I.S: A Digital Early Modern Ireland”


3/16               3:00 Pauline Greenhill, U of Winnipeg, “Transforming Cinderellas and Cinderfellas:  Sexes, Genders, and Sexualities in Fairy-Tale Films”


3/23               3:00 Reading by Rob Spillman, Words @ Manoa series


4/6                 3:00 Department Chair Election meeting


4/12               6:00 Reading by Sesshu Foster, Words @ Manoa series


4/13               3:00 Graduate Program Assessment meeting


4/20               3:00 Judith Lee, Ohio University, “American Humor and Matters of Empire”


4/21               3:30 Book launch for Valerie Wayne’s Arden Shakespeare edition of Cymbeline and John Rieder’s Science Fiction and the Mass Cultural Genre System (Wesleyan UP)


4/26               6:00 Reading & Performance by Andrea Hairston, Words@ Manoa series


4/27               3:00 Department meeting on hiring priorities


5/4                 12:00 Department party

Fall 2017 English Department Colloquium Schedule


All events are at 3:00 in KUY 410 unless otherwise specified


8/24               3:00 Department meeting, 4:00 fall reception


9/7                 Book launch for S. Shankar’s novel Ghost In The Tamarind


9/14               The Impossibly Thin Legs of My Racing Camels: Loving the Life and Writing the Book, a reading by Kathy J. Phillips.


9/21               Concentration meetings


9/28               The Everywhere That is Nowhere: Readings from Jaimie Gusman’s book of poems, Anyjar


10/5               Department meeting


10/12             Rank meetings


10/19             Words@Mānoa Reading: Eileen Tabios


10/26             English 625 student presentations: “On Resistance”


11/2               English 625 student presentations: “On Resistance”


11/9               Department meeting


11/16             Michael Weems, “Light Upon Light: A Skeptic’s Conversion to Imperfect Islam”


11/30             “Issues in Rhetoric and Composition.” Sarah Allen, Daphne Desser, and John Gagnon


12/8               12:00 End of Semester Department Party and Awards Ceremony


Fall 2016 English Department Colloquium Schedule


All events are at 3:00 in KUY 410 unless otherwise specified




9/1                 Department meeting




9/13               Donna Haraway, Professor Emeritus at University of California at Santa Cruz, reading and book signing, Staying With the Trouble: Making Kin in the Cthulucene (co-sponsored with Revolution Books)


9/15               Lynn Itagaki, Associate Professor at Ohio State University, “Lives that Matter: The 1992 Los Angeles Rebellion, Civil Racism, and the Vengeance of a Divided Country”


9/22               Concentration Groups meetings


9/29               Job Placement Workshop


10/4               Marie Alohalani Brown, UHM Religion Department, “Facing the Spears of Change”


10/6               Britton Brooks, “Anglo-Saxon Soundscapes: Elemental and Animate Creation”


10/12             6:00 Chadwick Lecture: Fred Moten, Professor at University of California at Riverside, “Insovereignty & Cinema”


10/13             12:00 Chadwick seminar: Fred Moten

10/13             3:00 Words @ Manoa Reading: Fred Moten


10/14             11:30 Creative Writing Workshop: Fred Moten


10/20             Department Meeting


10/27             English 625 student presentations (1)


10/31             Fiorenzo Iuliano, Assistant Professor of American Literature, University of Cagliari, Sardinia, “Specters of the 1990s: Seattle as archive city”


11/3               English 625 student presentations (2)


11/10             Ida Yoshinaga, “Indigenous Screenwriting Labor, Media Convergence, and a Digital Theory of Cultural Storytelling Expropriation”


11/17             Craig Howes, “Comic Periodicals in their Youth: The Case of Punch


11/22             “Identifying and Working with Students in Distress,” with Joel Gaffney and Rebecca Cowan


11/24             Thanksgiving




12/9               12:00 Department Party